Biking on the Hudson

    I did so well riding a bike yesterday with my daughter (ie I didn’t fall and I didn’t hit anyone) that she made me go out riding with her again. Awesome ride along the Hudson River on a perfect summer … Continued

    August  Posted by lucy
  • Me and my first boyfriend, age 16

    Just got this photo from my friend Neil, I was 16 and this was Steve, my first ever real boyfriend. Amazing to see this.

    18  July  Posted by lucy

    Folk City celebration

    Amazing show last night in NYC celebrating Folk City, where I spent several years as a waitress and bartender and where I met my husband (later documented in “Ten Year Night”). Many legends and spectacular performances, including the great Pete … Continued

    22  June  Posted by lucy

    my anniversary!

    Today is my husband’s and my 25th wedding anniversary! Can’t believe it. I still feel the way I felt when I met him that night at the bar at Folk City. And he still makes me laugh hard every day.

    June  Posted by lucy

    My Mom’s birthday

    My mom Chellie Leah would have been 90 years old today.  Happy birthday Mom. The red thread between us will never break.

    19  May  Posted by lucy

    Me and my cousin Paul, NYC

    Me and my cousin Paul Copeland in NYC this week. His dad was my day’s older brother, the main inspiration for my song “Reunion.”  

    May  Posted by lucy

    Boston 4/20

    I’m so thankful that everyone in Boston is safe now.  But I have another worry: My husband and I wrote “Land of the Living” inspired in part by a Muslim cab driver we had who’d been beaten up a few … Continued

    20  April  Posted by lucy

    Duke and me

    Me and Duke Levine backstage last night at the Landmark in Port Washington, NY.Duke was fabulous, it was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever done, including the sing along on Thunder Road. Thanks to everyone for coming out, … Continued

    April  Posted by lucy

    St. Paul, MN March 1

    Wonderful night celebrating Red House Records 30th anniversary last night, and OMG Claudia Schmidt and Heather Masse are both incredible singers. It was also bIttersweet because Red House’s beloved founder and my good friend, Bob Feldman, is gone. But I … Continued

    March  Posted by lucy


    So great to be with Garnet Rogers on Saturday night in Peterborough, NH. Loved his show, and he made me laugh about 100 times. I laughed especially hard when Garnet told the audience that I was a “sweet innocent thing” … Continued

    26  February  Posted by lucy