7 December

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building lit up in the colors of South Africa last night from my window.  RIP Nelson Mandela.…
10 November

Boulton Center

Selfie backstage at the beautiful Boulton Center in Bay Shore, NY
5 November


It was totally nuts in Greenwich Village on Halloween , and my intrepid vampire daughter braved the chaos with her friends and scored about 30 pounds of candy.…
5 November

Old photo

My old friend Gwen sent me this photo of me, I was probably 10? Maybe 11?
5 November

Visit with old friends

Got to hang out a bit with my old friends Richard Shindell and Larry Campbell today while Richard was finishing up his CD.
12 September

9/11 Tribute in Light with a crescent moon

28 August

Walking the Highline

Went walking on the Highline on Manhattan’s west side last night on a beautiful summer night.…
19 August

Gwen comes for a visit!

My old friend Gwen Macsai (author of the hilarious “Lipshtick” and NPR commentator) came for a visit!
19 August

Jersey Shore 2

My daughter on the beach
19 August

Jersey Shore

My daughter on the beach